.22 Silhouette

We gather once a month to have some fun and shoot steel silhouette targets using .22 rimfire rifles in the Standing position following the NRA Outdoor Rimfire Metallic Silhouette Course of Fire on the 100yd outdoor range. The course of fire consists of 10 targets at each of 4 stations: Chickens are at 40yds, Pigs at 60yds, Turkeys at 77yds and Rams at 100yds. Competitors fire a 40-shot total course per relay: Each station (40yds, 60yds, 77yds and 100yds) holds 10 steel silhouette targets and shooters are given a total of 5 minutes to fire only 10 shots to knock down all 10 targets at that station. It is a test of skill and stamina and a lot of fun to do!

2019 Schedule:
Sat May 11th
Sat June 8th
Sat July 13th
Sat August 10th

Relays start at 10:00am and Noon. Cost is $10.00 per match (plus a one-time league fee of $10.00)

Sign in starts at 9:30am and sight-in practice is allowed until 9:45am

For more information or to sign up for our next shoot, please contact:
Bill Squire at (716) 939-0990

Follow us on Facebook for more information about upcoming matches!

Follow us on Facebook for the latest news about upcoming matches!